Snow Light 1 2013“Svadhyaya , or self-study, is about knowing our true identity as Divine and understanding the boxes we are wrapped in. The process of knowing ourselves, and the boxes that adorn us, creates a pathway to freedom.”  D. Adele

Taking a week hiatus from teaching this Christmas allowed me to do all sorts of unwrapping, not just the gifts, but ultimately of myself, shedding bits of skin here and there. And it is as messy as it sounds. After weeks of hectic energy, chaos and shedding, I am replenished – new and fresh and ready to begin again.

We are taught and led, or should I say, misled, to cover and disguise our inner light in so many sorts of wrappings – jobs, responsibility, social masks. We learn to equate our self-worth with bank accounts and possessions, the things we can wear to show the world how valuable we really are, the things that keep us perennially distracted. But the world doesn’t care, not about that.  Every layer we unravel, every time we dare to look a little bit deeper, every growth pang we feel brings us that much closer to our essence; our true selves.

As the light peeks through and becomes stronger, accouterments start to pale. What really matters to the world is the willingness to be authentic and the courage to reveal and share our own inner divine.  Marianne Williamson wrote a powerful “call to arms” for this essential process.










During my practice today, working with agni sara, harnessing and igniting the inner fire and connecting with energy, I felt real.  It is a place we can tap into when are muscles are weak, our brain fatigued or heart heavy- a place that will always hold us strong, centred and grounded.  A place from which to share.


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